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Jawn took a smash and got my job smelling like booboo. Smh. #rosesreallysmelllikepoopoopoo

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Fuck the feminist bullshit and sensitivity - if a woman is being a bitch, you have the right to fucking tell her

Feminism has absolutely nothing to do with how sensitive a person is and whether or not you tell them that you fucking pickle

Well - due to the misconstrued view and nationwide misinterpreted definition of what feminism actually is - I had to clarify that a woman being a bitch is a downright bitch and should not be exempt from receiving “bitch” in place of her name. A lot of wannabe feminists who do not understand the practice’s goal jump out of the woodwork as soon as a male refers to a woman as a “bitch” or “being a bitch” and verbally castrate him.

So I clarified. Believe you me, I know what feminism is. I’ve been schooled on it from many, and practice it.

But if a woman is being a bitch - which she has a right to do - tell her you notice.

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